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Wake-Up Full-Spectrum CBD Oil powered by L-Tyrosine Amino Acid | Organic Ingredients | Natural Solution for Stress, Pain, Anxiety and Depression | Rich in Omega 3-6-9, Vitamins and Terpenes | 10ml

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43 in stock

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Amino CBD Oil


Our 500mg Wake-Up full-spectrum CBD Oil comes with L-Tyrosine Amino Acid and other cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant. We use only organic ingredients to produce the Wake-Up CBD Oil and it is the best Natural Solution for managing Stress, Pain, Anxiety and Depression. The 500mg full-spectrum wake-up is rich in Omega 3-6-9, Vitamins and Terpenes.

✔Challenge your mornings!

The full-spectrum wake-up is developed to give your health and wellness a general morning boost. The Wake-Up CBD Oil is a natural and organic anti-inflammatory supplement to reduce the daily oxidative stress.;

✔Natural CBD Oil Supplement!

The Hemp Plant is known for a wide range of beneficial nutrients such as Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Vitamins, Phytocannabinoids, Fatty Acids, Digestive Enzymes and Antioxidants.

✔Morning Energiser!

A profound nature and science equilibrium to revitalise your mornings. The combination of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and L-Tyrosine will improve your alertness, focus, attention, concentration and mood.

✔Powered by L-Tyrosine!

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, and play a crucial role in keeping the body healthy and in balance. The L-Tyrosine is an important Amino Acid for keeping the body healthy and strong when is under stress.

✔Premium Quality!

Your health and wellbeing is our number one priority. The full-spectrum wake-up CBD oil has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory to make sure that the product meets our company standards. Made in Germany with the highest quality ingredients under strict EU regulations.;

Benefits of using Wake-Up CBD Oil:

Wake Up Full Spectrum CBD Oil

✔Increase Dopamine!

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced naturally by our brains, and it is responsible for sending messages between nerve cells. Dopamine is an essential compound responsible for memory, motor skills and central nervous system.

✔Increase Adrenalin and Noradrenaline!

Stress is something that everybody is experiencing nowadays. This stress can adversely impact negatively, your thinking, memory, attention and concentration. By using the wake-up full-spectrum CBD oil you will increase the level of those two hormones and your body will respond quickly to the daily stressful circumstances.

✔Improves Focus and Attention!

Thanks to the combination of full-spectrum CBD Oil and L-Tyrosine, you will get to experience only the best results. Our wake-up Amino CBD Oil will improve your alertness, focus and attention.

✔Increase Serotonin!

Our body produces naturally its own cannabinoids. Those cannabinoids are designed to bind specific parts of the brain which are responsible for producing the substance called Serotonin. It is proven scientifically that Serotonin act as an antidepressant, improves mood and reduce the stress level.

2 reviews for WAKE-UP CBD OIL

  1. Amanda M. – Verified Buyer

    My experience with hellocbd was; Awakening. Never did I think I would feel the way I do, again. Mentally I’ve felt calm and peaceful, centred and mindful. Physically, I’ve felt ease to my aches and pains. I’ve had an overall sense of well being, it’s quite amazing. The ease of anxiety and pain are most noticed for me. My mornings are my mornings again! I love afternoons now! My evenings are definitely enjoyed again! Thank you!

    I’d like to add that my product arrived at me in a short couple of days!! This isn’t to be unnoticed! Awesomeness!!

    Making another purchase!!! Truly… Thank you!!

  2. Kenneth G. – Verified Buyer

    Excellent Pain Reliever
    Does wonders for my pain

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