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Top 10 ways to reduce stress level – 2020

tips to reduce stress level

Wondering if you can do anything extra to manage the daily stress? Here are our Top 10 ways to reduce stress level nowadays. We all agree that there is good and bad stress, the positive one is the one that motivates you to keep working and achieve tonnes, all day long. The negative stress is the one that stops you from enjoying and being your true self, the one you wish to shake off desperately.

Top Tips on How to Reduce the Daily Stress

We’ve got a few ideas to help you shake off the stress during these stressful times.

Eat right

You should consume foods that will help reduce stress levels. Keep away from the sugar, much like caffeine. It’ll only give you a sugar rush, which might make you feel more depressed and then crash. Have some good, fatty foods such as some salmon or avocado, and don’t forget your nutritional supplements.

Avoid using caffeine

A cup of coffee always sounds good, especially when you feel like your mood is a little down, it will lift you up. But on the contrary, when you’re tired, drinking caffeine can just make you feel more anxious. And you might not be able to fall asleep when you feel exhausted, which is the last thing you need.

Take a step back

Don’t make yourself feel stressed and just take a break. Go out and take a fresh breather. Using the time to clear your brain, and get away mentally from everything that makes you feel depressed. It could only be five or ten minutes, but they might really turn around your day.

Take a break to feel less stressed

Spend time with yourself

The last thing you need when your stress level is high is to hear other people tell you about their problems, and stress you more. Go home and have a night to yourself, and just do stuff that relaxes. Take a warm bath, light a candle and do a face mask. Enjoy that time to really recenter and focus on yourself only.

Listen your favourite music

We all have those songs and playlists we want to listen when we feel good or sad Well when you feel depressed you do need something to listen to. Go for a relaxing song, with slow beats, piano or instrumental.

Meditate – Meditation is the best ways to reduce stress and calm the mind

Meditation is the number one in our Top 10 ways to reduce stress level. Many people practise meditation every day, and it is more of a casual activity to others. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to keep your mind off problems entirely and focus on yourself only. There are many solutions out there that you can use without a guide, or even do it by yourself.  Figure out what’s going to work for you.

Meditation the best way to reduce stress

Read a book

Nothing would help you get things off your mind than losing yourself in a foreign world. Start reading a new book or re-read your favourite one. Let the mind escape completely from your environment.

Talk to someone close to you

Call a close relative, a member of the family, someone who you trust would be able to keep your mind off whatever bothers you. One of the best things about this technological age is that it’s easy to call a loved one, or even FaceTime them. It can be hard to be far from those you’re used to, but thankfully they’re only a call or a text away.

Exercise at least 30 min

Exercising benefits for 30min is not everyone’s favourite activity but is perfect when you need some motivation. You don’t have to do something too hard but just enough afterwards to make you feel better. Go for a run while listening to some relaxing music, go to the park, or even just go for a walk.

Exercising to reduce the stress level

Completely unplug and keep away anything stressful

When you arriving home switch your phone off, or put it in flight mode. Keep away from any some sort of technology which could contribute to your stress. Open Youtube, you can still watch it, or watch a heart-warming movie. Yet don’t turn the TV on, or check what you have to do the next day at work.

About The Author
About The Author

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